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The exterior of your home speaks volumes about the type of person you are. Many people attempt to enhance the exterior of their homes with paint colors or elaborate hedges or gardens. It is possible to set your home apart from the rest through dignified and elegant means. Copper Works Canada gives homeowners in Toronto and the GTA the opportunity to recapture Victorian style beauty with impressive roof cresting. Whether you are looking to restore and recapture the essence of an old structure, or wish to catch the eye of the passer-by, our roof cresting services will compliment any building.
Enhanced Curbside Appeal
Cresting can automatically give your home or building a respectable appearance that commands attention. The look can be very traditional and classic and the extra  detail applied to the outside of your home will, without a doubt, increase its overall value, making roof cresting a good investment. Copper Works Canada can further enhance the exterior of your home’s décor by adding unique finials and gargoyles, and even door knockers.
Why Choose Copper?
For homes in Toronto and the GTA that are susceptible to the harsh Canadian climate, copper is the best material choice for roof cresting and other outdoor decorative ornaments. Copper has a life span of up to 100 years and will therefore not need to be replaced or repaired. It does not rust or corrode, nor is it susceptible to salt damage and it can withstand the heavy rains and snow. Copper will also withstand the effects of birds and other animals that tend to make a mess of roofs.

Copper has been used on many of Canada’s most beautiful and important structures including the Parliament Buildings. This is due to its undeniably attractive appearance, strength and durability.
Copper begins with a shiny bronze coloring and then gradually matures into a rich blue-green patina. Copper Works Canada is able to complement roof cresting with other outdoor necessities, such as rain gutters and eavestroughs. By using copper for all these elements, the exterior of your home will look entirely cohesive, finished and completely tied together.
There are many different styles of roof cresting to choose from including regency, empire, balmoral, bolero, French quarter and Windsor cresting. Tudor rose, gramercy and continental cresting provide more spatial looks while designs such as Trafalgar and continental are more traditional. Regardless of the style you select, your home will undergo a complete change by simply adding roof cresting. Stand out amongst your neighbors with a unique and rich design that is all your own. Call Copper Works Canada at 905-831-6434 to find out more about roof cresting designs and services.

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